Thursday, June 27, 2013

Virtual Styles by Katiyah Jo'Nel

Hey Dolls,
I'm coming to you today with a virtual styling. I found some pieces on some of my favorite websites that I wanted to share with you on basically how I would wear them either day or night. If you want to see more of these virtual styled looks just comment and let me know, but in the mean time stay tuned for more STYLE STORIES...
Style Breakdown

Day Look- Column 1
Embroidered Cold Shoulder Denim Dress- ASOS
Bejeweled Studs- Forever 21
Lacquered Feather Necklace- Forever 21
Faux Stone Bangle Set- Forever 21
CL by Laundry Bianca Flat- DSW

Night Look- Column 2
Embroidered Cold Shoulder Denim Dress- ASOS
Chained Bangle Set- Forever 21
Dolce by Mojo Moxy Edie Wedge Pump- DSW

Monday, June 24, 2013

Slight Fun In A Little Sun....

Hey Beach Barbs,
I wanted to give a quick overview of my Carpe Diem trip to Wilmington, NC over the weekend. During this trip I was planning on taking more pictures of me styling beachwear but with the indecisive weather it made it kind of difficult. I did enjoy myself to the best of my ability with all the mishaps that might have occurred. I was able to hang out with the two livest teens in the world, they truly kept my spirits up. And also attended a bike party, which turn out to be a blast. Might not be much but here's some highlighted moments I was able to capture.

My 2 Live Crew

Pure Platinum Bike Party

I was able to style an ootn for bike party....
Style Breakdown
Strapless Peplum Top- DEB
White Skirt- Thrifted from my mother's closet
Skinny Belt- Old Navy
Arm Candy- Rainbow & Dots
Earrings- CitiTrends

This was a little razzle dazzle, so please stay tuned for more STYLE STORIES!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Rich Hipster

Hey Groovy Dolls,
So today I'm coming to you because I absolutely love Chrisette Michele new album "Better". She an amazing women and her music is off the charts. There was a song on her album named "Rich Hipster" feat. Wale that I so fell in love with as soon as it hit my ears. So this style story is in ode to this wonderful woman. All of us ladies have and hipster/ flower power side. Just wanting to be free, tranquil, and ready to have a good time. With this styling I paired a royal blue romper with a white woven vest and added a butterfly belt to accentuate my waist. Adding the woven vest gives you the coverage on your chest and back since it is a strapless romper. With the small details of fringe on the vest and a butterfly on the belt puts you in the mindset of a free-spirited diva. For the footwear I would probaly wear a black sandal or black heel to convert this outfit from day to night. I'm loving every bit of this chic and classy outfit as well as Chrisette Michele's new album which has made it to my top 5. Please go check it out and stay tuned for another STYLE STORY...
Style Breakdown

Royal Blue Romper- Its Fashion Metro
Woven Vest- Forever 21
Butterfly Belt- Thrifted from mother's closet
Sunglasses- Fathers & Sons Consignment Shop
Arm Candy- Rainbow & Dots

Monday, June 17, 2013

Going Pogo for Polka Dots...

Hey Fashion Dolls,
I wanted to come quickly and give my style story from my "too turnt up" weekend. A couple of my friends and I went to Still Life-a club in downtown Raleigh to celebrate my hunni bun's Shyniece Martin birthday. I was super excited because I was able to style one of the pieces I had purchased from thrifting versus going out and buying something new. I did a play up on polka dots/circles by pairing my black circle earring with my colorful polka dotted blouse. Using the blouse as the main focus I kept everything else black and simple. And of course ladies, you can never go wrong with black or peplum using both to conceal any flaws you might have in your mid section. If you loved this pairing please stay tuned for my next STYLE STORY "Rich Hipster"....

Style Breakdown   
Blouse- Thrifted
Peplum Skirt- Rainbow
Black Patent Heels- Shoe Show
Earring- Afaze
Arm Candy- Rainbow & Dots

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Thrifting at it's Finest....

Hey Thrifty Divas,
One of my motto's of this year is Carpe Diem, which of course we know it means to "Seize the Day". So with that being said yesterday I took a little Carpe Diem trip and found myself in Charlotte, NC. I went with one of my close friends for a graduation. It wasn't too bad of a drive round about 3hrs from Raleigh, where I live. The graduation was nice but what was even NICER was I came across a Goodwill Outlet. And when i say outlet, I mean that it truly was. It was huge clothes everywhere, people everywhere I almost felt like I walked into a thrifters heaven - lls. The best thing about this Goodwill was the fact that they weighed the clothes by pounds ($1.39 per lbs), and not by each garment. So I jumped in with everyone else and started to dig for some pieces. There was so many bins of clothes I know I only scratched the surface, but i did leave with four nice pieces, which only came up to $6.00.... WHAT!!!!!!! I'm telling you a real bang for my buck. I love to shop and splurge here or there but when I find a bargain I just can't past it up. And $6.00 to me is way beyond a bargain. The experience was nice and I had blast and defiantly will be going back very soon. I can't wait to style these pieces up for you divas to show that you can be just has fashionable on a budget. So Divas, stay Frugal and Fashionable...and stay tuned for more STYLE STORIES....

Monday, June 10, 2013

Starting Something New

Hey Fashion Dolls,
This is your hopefully new found fashion friend Katiyah Jo'Nel. I am so excited to be starting this blog, this has been an ambition of mine for some time but I've just been a little apprehensive. But I'm over my fear and ready to give you dolls a walk in my shoes...literally. I not here to be a fashionista or guru, because I feel like I don't know it all when it comes to fashion, but I can say this is definitely a passion of mine. I just want to give you ladies my perception on plus size fashion. I am an aspiring plus size model I have been modeling for about a year and some change now. I will be linking my portfolio to my blog because I have styled every aspect of my portfolio, from hair to make-up and even all the outfits from head to toe. I want to give you ladies options on styling but on a budget...cause hunni I aint rich either...I just hope you stay tuned to see my STYLE STORIES.....