Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My Curves are Beautful Spotlight: Linc & Juice

Hey Dolls,
I'm adding a new segment to my blog which is the "My Curves are Beautiful Spotlight". With this spotlight segment I want to shine a positive light on plus size women that are doing there thang within the fashion industry. Whether it be modeling, blogging, makeup artistry, etc you ladies deserve to have center stage. For today's spotlight I'm shining a light on two wonderful, amazing sisters, Linc and Juice. This set of twins, to me definitely embrace the phrase- "When life gives your curves, flaunt them". And that's what their doing in photographs and down the runway their flaunting and giving life to those who need it. : )


1. How long have you been a plus model?
  • We've been modeling for going on two years now.
2. What inspired you to start modeling?
  • Juice - What inspired me to start modeling is when I saw Tocara on ANTM. And because I'm very photo genetic.
  • Linc - Well what inspired me to start modeling is because everyone said that I should pursue it because of how I look. I was always into fashion and thought it would be fun.
3. What would you say are some of the pros/cons of being a plus size model?
  • Juice - Cons: People don't take you seriously. Pros: The community of plus size modeling is growing every year.
  • Linc - Cons: That there's not a lot of opportunity for plus size models. Pros: The plus size industry is very up lifting to one another. Making women feel beautiful no matter what your size is. I love that.

4. What is one fashion trend you like/dislike?
  • Juice - I love peplum look. I dislike the hi low skirts.
  • Linc - I'm loving the 2-piece dresses. I don't like the designer leggings.
5. Do you prefer online or in-store shopping? Which brands and stores?
  • Juice - In store shopping by far. I love Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, and Dillard's .
  • Linc - I love both in store and online . I love Forever 21, Glostylzes Online Boutique, and Barcode Cartier.
6. What are 3 of your future goals?
  • Juice - To do a dance break with Diddy, to be someone relevant in the plus size industry, and just to be successful.
  • Linc - To be a major trendsetter, to own my own makeup line, and to be an inspiration to women.

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Sunday, April 27, 2014

#OOTN: Fashion Attire

Hey Dollls,
Last night I was invited to the LP Models "Fantasy" Fashion Show by the lovely Linc Linc Edwards, a friend but also one of the amazing models in the show. The show was on point filled with great performances and beautiful clothing and lingerie for straight and plus-size females. I truly enjoyed myself to the fullest and I can't wait for there next show. Of course you know I wanted to shared what I wore to last night festivities so, Enjoy!!!


Abstract Blazer- *Thifted*
Crop Top- It's Fashion Metro
Midi Skirt- It's Fashion Metro
Sandals- Target
Fold-Over Clutch- Accessorize


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Katiyah Jo'Nel