Monday, July 22, 2013

DIY Styling: Torrid Opening

Hey "DoItYourself" Divas,
I just want to share with you ladies an ootd I had over the weekend. This ootd was a DIY styling from head to toe. I made a crop top out of an old see-thru floral shirt that I hardly ever wore and added a little pizazz to a pair of thirfted jeans by cut up one leg. DIY projects are so much fun and easy to do, and also shows off your personal creativity. I wore this outfit to the grand opening of a Torrid store in my area. I'm so glad they opened a Torrid in the RDU area because the closet one was and hour away. At the opening the first 50 people received a gift card. Yes, I received a $10 gift card but I gave it to one of my good friends so she can could combine it with her $50 gift card. We know Torrid is a little pricey, but she was able to get two good quality items that she could wear to her new job. I really enjoyed this DIY styling because I created a new looks with old pieces.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

More Thrifting!!!!

Hey Frugalistas,
I love thrifting!!!! When I go out on my thrift store, consignment shop, and vintage hunt I usually try to go for unique pieces. You can always put your personal twist on these second-hand items, and they can definitely be a bag for your buck. The other day I went to see what my local thrift stores had to offer. I found some pretty cool pieces that when you add your personal style they can be masterpieces.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

If The Shoe Fits, Wear It!!!!

Hey ShoeFeens,
As women we can all wear this name proudly. So being a shoe lover myself, I wanted to do a virtual styling around these fly Jeffrey Campbell "Rock-A-Bye" Wedges. I came across these awesome shoes one day scrolling on Instagram to @ShoeGameInsane she is the owner of "Fly Feet Boutique & Style". I contacted her inquiring about the shoes and also if  I can use them in an virtual styling, because I loved them so much. Fly Feet Boutique is an online boutique based of SC that sales shoes, customizes shoes, sales vintage thrifted  clothing, and she also styles clients. She was a sweetheart in answering my question and also allowing me to use the fly shoes. If your interested in these shoe or fancy footwear like this just check her out @ShoeGameInsane on Instagram.  

Style Breakdown
Black Cold Shoulder Dress- ASOS
The Dolly Earring in Purple- Karmaloop
The Queen Tiger Crossbody Clutch- Karmaloop
Blue Iridescent Curved Bangle- Rivers Island

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Throwback Thursday!!!!!

Hey divas,
I decided to to my version, as we all know 'Throwback Thursday' that's on Instagram. Sometimes all those baby pictures and ratchet pictures of people with all your cousin seriously gets on my nerves...lls But let me not rant about what I don't like on these social networks. So, I decided to embrace this day and give my style story on one of my ootd from my past. Hope you enjoy and tuned to for next STYLE STORY....

Style Breakdown
Black Turtleneck- Target
Grey Lightweight Vest- Target
Colorful ROCAWEAR Leggings- Citi Trends
Black Boots- Rainbow

  Black Turban- Local Beauty Supply Store
Black Jeweled Necklace- Rainbow
Silver Bangle- Dots
Black Diamond Chained Handbag- Accessorize

Oversized Glasses- Retro City Sunglasses

Monday, July 8, 2013

South Carolina 4th of July Weekend

Hey Sweethearts,
I'm so excited to do this style story for you ladies. This will be an overview on my 4th of July weekend in Charleston, South Carolina. This was my first time being there an not just heading straight to the beach. I was invited to go by one of my closest friends to celebrate the holidays but also for her aunt's birthday celebration. Her family were so hospitable and welcomed me like I was one their own. This weekend was full of food, family and fun I can say truly enjoyed myself. Enough of the small talk, let's get to the STYLE STORIES...

Style Breakdown
Horseshoe Cold Shoulder Top- Forever 21
Light Blue Ankle Jeggings- Its Fashion
Gladiator Sandals- Target
Gold Woven Earrings- Its Fashion Metro

Style Breakdown
Coral Cami- Forever 21
White Coverup- Rainbow
Distressed Jeans- Rainbow
(Distressed by me)
Tan Flip Flops- Citi Trends
Beaded Necklace- Its Fashion

Style Breakdown
Paisley Crop Top- It's Fashion Metro
Midi Bodycon Skirt- It's Fashion Metro
Royal Skywalkers- *Gifted*
Arm Candy- Rainbow
Beaded Earrings- It's Fashion Metro

Style Breakdown
Denim Dress- It's Fashion Metro
Mint Flip Flops- Citi Trends
Chucky Gold Necklace & Bracelet- *Gifted*
Mint Jeweled Earrings- Dots

(I'm  adopted now...lls)

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